Interdisciplinary Research

The exponential growth in research funding at the University of South Florida and throughout the USF System has been the very definition of unstoppable. Faculty and students at all three USF System institutions have been at the forefront of discovery, driving economic engines while changing countless lives for the better.

The USF System is dedicated to the pursuit and creation of knowledge, to building awareness of -- and overcoming -- the major challenges facing our region, nation and world. Whether it’s clearing up historical misconceptions or clearing away impediments to understanding, USF System researchers are dedicated to making a difference. During the USF: Unstoppable Campaign, benefactors like you have been right by their sides, helping them change the world around us.

Shaping our Future, Understanding our Past

Gifts to the USF: Unstoppable Campaign in support of the research enterprise create new chairs, new centers, and new possibilities throughout the USF System. Since the launch of the Campaign, facilities have been constructed, professors have been hired, and smart pots have been sought. All of these developments help change the way we view the world.

Thanks to benefactors of the USF: Unstoppable Campaign, the Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions exists as both a facility and as a game-changing force in the world. The Patel Center is now home to researchers committed to making a difference in the developing world, and serves as host to visiting faculty and students who share this commitment.

Central to the mission of the Patel Center is the new Patel College of Global Sustainability. Bringing together researchers in a variety of fields, the college will educate students in the environmental sciences, navigating the challenges of the 21st century.

Sometimes challenges can be found in how we view the past. The Hough Family Endowed Chair in Florida Studies at the USF St. Petersburg, Dr. J. Michael Francis, finds that his research challenges many long-held beliefs about Florida history. Not the least of these misconceptions: that Ponce de Leon was searching for a Fountain of Youth.

The Next Phase: Changing Lives, Changing Perceptions

The remarkable growth of research funding is just beginning.

In the years to come, the USF System will need your support more than ever. You will be a crucial part of our research development by funding chairs and professorships as well as by making smaller gifts to enhance the academic experience for the brilliant men and women who are striving to make a difference in all of our lives. By supporting the research mission of the USF System, you will make it unstoppable.