USF Health

The USF: Unstoppable Campaign continues to transform the colleges and schools of USF Health. Founded in 1965 as the USF Medical Center, USF Health is poised to celebrate its first five decades of service as a beacon of hope not only for the thousands of patients in the communities it serves, but also for countless people around the world sure to be affected by the research going on within its walls.

The mission of USF Health is no less than envisioning and implementing the future of healthcare, not only in this country, but also around the world. The USF: Unstoppable Campaign, and the generosity of people like you, is helping us to secure this mission now and in the future.

Changing Lives, Transforming Health Care

The benefactors of the USF: Unstoppable Campaign have already made a real difference in the lives of the students and faculty of USF Health. Every Campaign is ultimately about people working together to make a better reality for others. To this end, there have been powerful changes realized by the USF: Unstoppable Campaign in the healthcare arena.

At the beginning of the Campaign, the USF Diabetes Center was a dream spoken by a visionary, Dr. Jeffrey Krischer. Today, it is a reality, providing life-changing treatment for Tampa Bay patients and conducting long-ranging research around the world.

At the beginning of the Campaign, the USF College of Pharmacy was a school just beginning to find its footing. Today, it’s a college with two classes of students, an innovative curriculum and, bright prospects for a stronger future.

At the beginning of the Campaign, there was no SELECT program, a partnership with the Lehigh Valley Health Network that is training a new generation of elite medical school students. There was no Carol and Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Health Care, much less a Morsani College of Medicine.  There was no partnership between the College of Public Health and The Villages Community.

These partnerships, centers, and colleges exist today because of the USF: Unstoppable Campaign.

The Campaign’s Second Phase

We’re not stopping.

We’re focused on finding new, permanent private funding resources for the Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Learning (CAMLS). With your assistance, we’ll seek new professorships in the Colleges of Nursing, Public Health and Pharmacy, as well as scholarships for students across the spectrum of USF Health. We plan to expand public-private partnerships in our School of Physical and Rehabilitation Sciences. Similarly, with your help, we plan to transform the USF Heart Institute with a new facility to create greater access for patients, and better tools for our doctors and students.

As we do so, we will continue to be unstoppable. We will continue to seize this moment.