Students and Faculty


At the heart of the USF: Unstoppable Campaign is a System-wide dedication to the betterment of our students and faculty. Every gift to the USF System, including yours, impacts the living, learning, working, and playing environments of the people who together make our institutions vibrant and alive.

Gifts to create scholarships allow students from all walks of life to pass through our halls and study in our libraries, classrooms, and laboratories. During the USF: Unstoppable Campaign, gifts to establish chairs and professorships have strengthened our faculty ranks and furthered the institutions’ teaching and research missions. All students -- traditional and non-traditional, graduate and undergraduate -- have benefited from gifts that enhanced the academic environment of the USF System. These gifts came from people just like you.

Supporting the Academic Mission

During the first phase of the USF: Unstoppable Campaign, USF System benefactors gave more than $100 million in direct support to scholarships, professorships and chairs. This direct financial support to our faculty and students was augmented greatly from indirect support boosting the academic enterprise at all three USF institutions.

Before the USF: Unstoppable Campaign, faculty and students in the College of Engineering were hoping to develop a state-of-the-art Wireless Communications and Signal Processing Lab. Thanks to software and equipment gifts from Agilent Technologies, this lab not only exists, but also surpasses all prior expectations.

At the beginning of the USF: Unstoppable Campaign, potential students hoping to return to college had few scholarship options. Today, thanks to giving from the Bernard Osher Foundation, these nontraditional learners can benefit from the Reentry Scholarship Program. The program provides them with a second chance for a better life.

USF System President Judy Genshaft and her husband, Steven Greenbaum, believe strongly in the value of study-abroad experiences. So strongly, that they made a $1 million donation to establish the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport Scholars Fund. In its first year alone, more than two dozen students benefitted from the fund.

In the Next Phase, a More Open Door

Simply put, we’re not stopping our drive to support USF System faculty and staff.

Working with friends and alumni just like you, we’re seeking new scholarships, new chairs and professorships, and new ways of supporting the academic underpinnings of the USF System. We share your belief in growing the value of the USF degree, while growing opportunities for those who otherwise might not be able to afford a higher education.

Our focus will be two-fold for students and faculty. First, we plan to open the door to a college education for as many students as we can. We will do this, with your help, with the creation of new scholarships for USF students. Second, with your help, we will enhance the System’s ability to attract and retain the very best teachers, scholars, and researchers within our faculty ranks.

Working together, we will continue to add value to the USF degree and make the academic enterprise unstoppable.